The Butterflive service is no longer supported. Therefore you are not able to subscribe anymore. The service will close definitively on January the 31th.

Please contact us for any question.
Butterflive guide

Your two-minute guide to Butterflive


Find out how Butterflive decreases cart abandonment by helping you help customers buy.

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Butterflive plugins

Add Butterflive to your most powerful sales tools

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As a Saas tool, integrating Butterflive is as easy as adding a snippet of code to your web pages. Our quick and simple plugin options make it even easier.

In five minutes or less, you can add a lead tracking system and a live chat on your site to support your online customers. Reduce your abandonment rate and increase conversion without altering your site!

See our plugins for Drupal, Magento and PEEL! »

Wordpress user, Joomla or any other CMS? It also works! See how easy it is to install Butterflive on your website.

Butterflive process

1. Detect Prospects

2. Get the Context

3. Chat & Assist

DetectGet in contextChat and help
Butterflive clients

See how our clients use Butterflive to increase their conversion rates.

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Butterflive feedback
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