Why behavioural marketing is important to differentiate online visitors to help and those to add to your newsletter.

A live chat access is a big plus for an e-commerce website. Beyond the idea that talking to visitors would annoy them, you can provide them helpful information if you target the ones who seem to need it.

When dealing with synchronous prospects, in a shop or on a website, you often find yourself with less information than what you can get through other channels. In most cases, the context you can discover from website prospects is inherent to the current visit, except if the prospect had already visited your website before or if the person is logged on the website.

What is error 16828?

If you installed a version of the Butterflive widget anterior to 1.5.9 (those are versions downloaded before July 25th, 2011), you might run into a problem when the widget will try to "auto-update".
You will encounter this problem only if you downloaded the Windows ".exe" installer. If you downloaded a ".air" release, you should not face this error message.

New Office in San Francisco!

By: admin

31 May 2011

Since this May, Butterflive is now in the Bay Area!
Our new office is in SOMA, San Francisco, at Parisoma.

Butterflive US
169 11th Street,
San Francisco 94103

Agents Alerts let you know that a visitor on website has reached a score threshold. No need to be full-time on your monitoring page, Butterflive makes a sound and pops a small frame with a link towards the hot prospects.
Engage a chat if he seems interested!

How to configure the threshold?

Simply go to your Preferences Page (rick click on your Butterflive Icon in the task bar) and set the slider at the score you want.

Butterflive lands in San Francisco for the Web 2.0 Expo!

Here is the Web 2.0 Expo Exhibitors list on the official website.

Come and see us from March 28th to 31st and get to know our new features, like the Agent Alert which rings when a visitor on your website reaches a score threshold!

What’s the Scoring?

By: admin

22 Sep 2010

That’s a new online marketing tool. It is a live notation system that allows you to determine whether a visitor, through his behaviour on the website, has the potential to be a prospect.
The goal is to make the visitor takes a positive decision (for example, a purchase if it’s an e-Commerce website) thanks to the use of the information gathered.

Why is it so simple?

Keep in touch with your visitors

By: admin

21 Sep 2010

There are currently 2 main ways of getting in touch with a website visitor through a Live Chat:

  • A visitor clicks on the chat button. He needs assistance and would like more advices but he’s the one who takes the lead.

    That’s probably the easiest way but a lot of users hesitate doing it.

  • Thanks to his live tracking tool, an agent can view the visitors on his website and may decide to get in contact directly with those who seem in needs, for example.
We know about Lead Score! Learn how Butterflive includes Lead Scoring